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Less is more publicity for ‘Dhoom 3’

In order to retain the surprise element, the makers of Aamir Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer will refrain from a publicity blitzkrieg

Producer Aditya Chopra has outlined a plan for the promotions of his upcoming film, ‘Dhoom 3’. Or rather a lack of it. The filmmaker has issued a diktat to restrain from any in-your-face marketing of the film.

As the franchise is known to the audience, he feels there has to be some element of surprise and that needs to be kept intact in the Aamir Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer. He also wants the stars to limit their interactions with the media and not divulge details about the project.

Less is more publicity for 'Dhoom 3'Says a source close to the production house, `An event to release the title track was held recently, but there is no plan to have a proper music launch with the entire cast. The song videos will not be released online or on television. It will only be shown in the film.`

The source adds, `The makers feel extra promotions hamper a film, as the expectations of the audience gets heightened. They prefer to keep the public guessing by not revealing the storyline.`

Incidentally, during an event for the film recently Aamir Khan had stated, `We are following the policy of less is more. The less we promote the film, the more people will be curious about it. We are not going to feature on any of the reality shows on television or visit shopping malls. We will have limited promotion as we are confident of our product.`

Updated: November 22, 2013 — 12:40 pm

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