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Katrina’s bold act for ‘Dhoom 3’

Katrina Kaif was hellbent on making her mark as an acrobat in her upcoming film Dhoom 3. She had to go that extra mile for her character in the thriller

Aerial acrobats were specially flow down from London to train the star in aerial strap work for a song where the entire set was transformed into a circus.

Kudos! Katrina's bold act for 'Dhoom 3'

Says a source, `The aerial stunts required her to lift her body weight and keep it suspended in air with nothing but the support of straps. Her arms and feet were bruised on account of it. It was covered with make-up. However, despite being in immense pain, she gave several shots and did not show any discomfort on her face.

Says Katrina, `It was extremely challenging training in aerial strap work which require you to lift your own body weight. I would get bruises all the time but it was worth it.` All in a day’s work for an actor.

Updated: November 22, 2013 — 12:45 pm

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