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‘Krrish 3’ soars like a ‘Diwali Rocket’

Movie Review: 'Krrish 3' soars like a 'Diwali Rocket'

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi, Kangana Ranaut

Director: Rakesh Roshan

Run Time : 2 Hrs 32 Mins 

Rating: ***1/2 

Well if we go back to identify the onset era of Sci-fi or Superhero movies in Bollywood, then fascination of B-town biggies for superhero movies dates back to sixth decade of last century, but the genre actually marked its onset in mid of 80s, when Anil Kapoor and Sridevi starrer Mr India came in to cine arena to charm the masses, post that a few more noteworthy flicks made to cine arena. And in the last almost 26 years despite a very lean number of flicks belonging to the genre of Sci-Fi or Superhero movie, the genre has taken a quantum leap.

Even if look at the “Krrish franchise” or “Brand Krrish” then probably ten years back even conceptualiser of “Brand Krrish” Rakesh Roshan wouldn’t have foreseen that some day his flagship initiative “Krrish” will turn into one of the most sought after cine brands of Bollywood, but it did.

So with “Krrish 3” making its way to cineplexes all we Indian have got ample reasons to be boastful about having our most sought super hero “Krrish” in the league of Batman and Superman. 

Anyhow, this larger than life dream project of Roshans, which kept masses await from almost last one and a half year finally made it to cine arena and recorded a decent foot-fall of approximately 60% at its opening. 

By now it’s a known fact that Rakesh Roshan is one of the most exceptional story teller and even with “Krrish 3” he didn’t forget to adhere to this trait of his. Right at the onset the premise of “Krrish 3” takes-off with a voice over where Big B narrates the past sequences and instances which subsequently lead to the emergence of current stage. And from there takes-off the premise of “Krrish 3”, where Krrish aka Krishna ( Hrithik) after rescuing his father Rohit Mehra ( again played by Hrithik) returns to India. 

But now the circumstances have changed where Rohit has started working with Indian Research Institute as scientist, Krrish who is now married to Priya (Priyanka Chopra) is living a happy married life in Mumbai. 

Beyond the remotest ideas of this happily living family, is the existence of Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) the beast in the robe of human who is misusing his psychic brilliance to create a chaotic milieu in the world. And to meet his objective, Kaal, develops baneful viruses and besides that also owns a brigade of beasts which he calls “Maanvar” ( Manushya +Jaanwar) a deadly combo of human and animal traits which he creates by the DNA fusion of human and animals. 

In an effort of creating a devastation, Kaal tries to induce an epidemic in Mumbai through his virus, but his this plan gets ruined by Rohit and Krrish. And what follows next is a thrilling action packed journey in the world of Krrish. So do Krrish succeeds in demolishing Kaal and his brigade of beasts or not? to know watch Krrish. 

As stated, that Rakesh is an exceptional story teller who is not only well versed with the art of picking up the most entertaining tales, but at the same time also masters the art of narrating them in the most captivating manner and with “Krrish 3” the ace cinematographer has once again exhibited his deftness in the skill. 

Undoubtedly “Krrish 3” belong to the “Sci-fi” and “Superhero” genre of movie making, but Rakesh along with his team of writers comprising Robin Bhatt, Honey Irani, Irrfan Kamal , Akarsh Kurana and Sanjay Masoom has very well assorted the human factor in the script of the Krrish 3. 

Despite being perceived as a core Sci Fi saga story-line of “Krrish 3” exceptionally integrates the emotions, bonding, barbarity in quite a proportionate manner. And all this doesn’t ends here what more embedded in the script of “Krrish 3 is a super-powerful antagonist heading a brigade of beasts and on top of it, “Krrish 3’s script deserves kudos for never showcasing protagonists as something immortal or out of this world and antagonists as meager punching bag for our super hero. 

But yeah at same time keeping in view the notions of rationalists, who may discard the transformation of human into “Maanwar” or “Human Beasts” all we can say that if even cinema will start following the rational rubrics, then probably it will fail in delivering entertaining content. So kudos to entire team of writers for adroitly tailoring an entertaining script. 

As far as screenplay of Krrish is concerned then, probably nothing much needs to be said because by now Rakesh Roshan has turned into a virtuoso of Sci-fi genre. Despite Krrish 3’s being a sequel of “Koi Mil Gaya”, and “Krrish” it gets very clear right at the onset that Rakesh Roshan along with his screenplay-writer companion, Robin Bhatt want to establish “Krrish 3” as a standalone cine cantata. 

With first few minutes solely dedicated to the background which has its roots entrenched in the plot of “Koi Mil Gaya” and “Krrish” Rakesh tries to make audience well-aware of the the situation which has lead to current state of affair (so for all those who have not seen “Koi Mil Gaya” and “Krrish” nothing to worry about). Subsequently what follows is a smooth first half which without any hurry introduces the masses to the characters performing on the silver screen, whereas, it’s the second half that holds your attention till the culmination. 

If we go by the technical aspect then with major chunk of “Krrish 3” made in VFX first half may disappoint you momentarily, where graphics appear a bit hazy and imprecise, but as soon as the second half arrives this specially induced feature along with believable action sequences strikes back with a bang. 

Coming to the music department of the movie then frankly speaking having those aural delights was no where required in “Krrish 3” but as it is a customary rule for our Bollywood Superheros to be adroit in dancing too, hence in order to meet that objective obviously we need some musical tadka also. Anyhow, with “Dil Tu Hi Bata” being the topper of the track list music of “Krrish 3” is strictly OK. 

Coming to the performances of our antagonists and protagonists, then in a dual role of Rohit and Krishna aka Krrish, Hrithik conveniently slips under the skin of his character. And in fact keeping in view those Greek god like looks and appropriate emotional expressiveness of Hrithik, it won’t be wrong to say that , neither there could have been any other better choice than him nor anybody else could have succeeded in doing the justice to the the character of Krrish. 

With quite confined scope of performance Priyanka has looked lovable. After seeing him flunking in some of his recent cine stints Vivek has finally regained the momentum and up-till great extent has succeeded in doing a thorough justice to his character of, Kaal the attrocious antagonist. 

But the performer who in-spite of not being on the center stage surprises everyone by her performance is Kangana. Although in “Krrish 3” Kangs plays the character with grey shades, but even while doing that she has not only charmed the masses like anything, but at the same time has proved her acting potential too. Be it about exhibiting wickedness or showing that emotional side, Kangna has thoroughly improved herself on every front, so special bunch accolades for her. 

Well with so many brownie points in its favor, “Krrish 3” has got all the components to make it a decent BO grosser. And probably besides a good amount of entertaining quotient, it’s the prevailing legacy of our Indian Superhero which may make “Krrish 3” one of the biggest BO grosser of the year. 

To sum up, with a grand entertainment quotient garnished with condiments like action, emotion romance and a unique technological perspective this Rakesh Roshan cine delight is truly a larger than life cine-experience which should not be missed. And hence keeping in view the stupendous efforts of Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik, Priyanka and Kangana, a half star extra for this somewhat first of its kind cine experience in India. Go watch it.

Updated: November 6, 2013 — 6:19 pm

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