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‘Escape Plan’ is strictly for Arnold and Sylvester fans

The two action heroes are back together in “Escape Plan” with energetic performances and Arnold and Sylvester are getting better with age. Sylvester (Ray Bresnin) is a security expert whose job is to get into secure prisons around the world and escape from there, in order to gauge the security measures of the prison concerned.

Movie Review: 'Escape Plan' is strictly for Arnold and Sylvester fansAs the premise of Escape Plan unfurls, Ray is assigned with another assignment by CIA, of escaping from a prison which is considered to be one of the best when it comes to security.

After initial abhorrence, Ray takes up the task because of the huge remuneration for the work. However, when he gets into it his antics and his experience fails him, it becomes simply impossible for him to get out of that prison. The escapist decides to give up this time as it is not an easy task for him. However, fate is not on his side. As a last resort, he then teams up with his prison mate Swan Rotmayyer (Arnold) who is in early 60s and they hatch a master plan to escape the prison. So do they succeed or spend rest of their lives in the prison, go check out “Escape Plan”.

The casting is perfect as the two heroes share a great screen presence together. However, a lot could have been done with the film as the two legends were together on screen.

With a high dose of over the top action, Escape Plan is an action packed two hour engrossing journey as the experienced director in Mikael Hafstrom knows his job pretty well. One expects some great action due to the high profile actors but this is one important area which is felt wanting. The first half of the film is a bit slow but is catches up well in the in the post interval part. A decent job done by Miles Chapman on screenplay but it could have been better.

All in all a decent production with a bit of loose ends; but electric performances by the action heroes is sure to watch out for. Warden’s (Jim Caviziel) performance is a memorable one. I think the director knew what he wanted from him.

“Escape Plan” is strictly for Arnold and Sylvester fans.

Updated: November 6, 2013 — 6:16 pm

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