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Sunny Leone and her husband under scrutiny

For the next 18 months actress Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber will be under scrutiny. Whatever they say, do, wherever they travel, roving cameras and mics will record their every move. No, this is not for any reality show, but for a film documenting their lives, which will release in 2015.

According to sources, a Canadian production house has signed an agreement for this documentary with the couple, besides bagging exclusive rights for the project. The team will capture raw footages for almost 18 months, as per the deal, to bring out the couple’s uncut life on reel. The project will shed light on their personal and professional life, including Sunny’s peaking Bollywood career.

Sunny, when asked, confirmed the project. “Filming is already on. After the Indian leg, the production crew will head to another destination with us,” adds Daniel, “We are excited about the project as it will bring out several aspects of our lives.”

Sources say the documentary, which is likely to release in two parts, will also contain activities from behind the scenes. A member of the team, who’s currently in India with them, says, “The project is at a premature stage and right now we are just filming their routines.”

Work on installing and setting of cameras in Sunny and Daniel’s hometown has also begun. The project brief goes likes this…

In the first installment, their external lives like, profession, meetings, socializing sequences will be canned. And once the couple is back in their home, their personal life will be captured. “It will also talk about Sunny and Daniel’s meeting where they fell for each other. Bollywood and fame is one of the important flavours of the project.”

However, as to how will the documentary recreate Sunny’s entry into Indian showbiz is yet to be discussed along with the creative team and Daniel. The project will be released worldwide and is touted to be a major work, which will negate several speculations around the couple’s life currently.

Updated: December 7, 2013 — 11:18 am

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