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‘Satya 2’ another gem in RGV’s ‘Hall of Shame’

Movie Review: 'Satya 2' another gem in RGV's 'Hall of Shame'

Star Cast: Punit Singh Ratan, Anaika Soti, Mahesh Thakur, Aradhana Gupta

Director: Ram Gopal Verma

Story Radhika Anand

Rating: *1/2

So after trying his hands on variety of genres like horror, psycho drama, para-normal etc, the maverick director Ram Gopal Verma has once again returned with his muse i.e. underworld saga. If we leave “The Attacks of 26 /11” then in none of last few cine flicks Ramu could succeed in leaving any impact on the masses. So probably in order to make his presence feel in the showbiz, RGV is once again here with his tried and tested ( or rather tired and trusted) formula and has again dished out a cine delight dabbled in the flavor of mafia world. This much anticipated cine creation which after facing so many postponements finally Satya 2 made it to cineplexes and secured a foot-fall of 7 percent on its opening. 

As soon as the narration of Satya 2 begins amid a backdrop of voice over the premise showcases the advent of Satya (Puneet Singh) in the city of dreams, Mumbai with a reason known to him only. In the Mumbai he is provided with a shelter by his friend Nara (Amtriyaan). And post that begins his jaunt of setting up his own “Company” which subsequently turns into a synonym of “Darr” for every one irrespective of his societal status. 

After seeing some the recent disastrous underworld chronicles manufactured by Ramu’s cine factory, here with Satya 2 you once again have got all the reasons to believe that RGV has no more cinematic creativity left with him. If we go by the script of this recent disasters which just made its way out of Ram Gopal Verma’s cine lab, then except the the nomenclature it has nothing as pleasing as its prequel, which made it to cineplexes in late 90s. 

Quite similar to the spirit of original, even Satya 2 tries to portray the life of an ambitious man who want to be the uncrowned king of Mumbai underworld, but with a blanket of anonymity around him. But frankly speaking this effort of script writer Radhika Anand has totally turned into a disaster of a sort which not only makes “Satya 2” a disastrous tale, written without any thorough introspection, but also challenges the mental faculties of the audience. 

Although “Satya 2” tries to project the new age mafia in a different light where all those belonging to grey arena are more organised and more learnt than their predecessors, but even that aspect of movie looks filthy and lame, that instead of flowing with the onscreen proceedings you prefer to keep you all your psychological senses detached from the onscreen proceedings. Be it the story-line, or the character rendition everything is so loosely scripted that it catalysis process of disaster. 

Every efforts of story writer Radhika Anand where she has tries to make “Satya 2″ a standalone cine saga, ends up adding even more flaws to the premise. In order to prove her writing adroitness Radhika tries every arrow from her arsenal, be it presenting this underworld saga with a MLM sort of mechanism or keeping the ” Fear Company” a faceless entity, but none of these components seems to be potent enough to seize the fascination the viewers. 

Even the screenplay of “Satya 2” acts like an extra ounce on a sinking ship, where instead of supplementing a weird and soulless story-line in a positive manner, it further adds to the plight of those watching it. From the very first frame the sketchy screenplay starts asking you, either to leave the auditorium or to be prepared get your patience tested. Just like the previous cine disasters of Ram Gopal Verma, even the screenplay of “Satya 2” takes you on a painful ride, where you are left with no other option, than to tolerate what’s going on the big screen. By now it is an open secret, that RGV is badly fixated to weird camera work and yeah the crows. So with “Satya 2” Ramu once again tried to exhibit his “not so creative side” by using bizzare props, which as ever emerges as something intolerable blows on the face for the audience. So with this undesirable artistry while being in director’s chair, Ramu has himself hammered another nail in the coffin of his cinematic journey. 

Before coming to the performances of the protagonists, it is worthwhile to mention here that, more then those performing on the silver screen, it’s the casting director who deserves a bucketful of disparagement for searching and bringing together some of the most wooden faced mannequins under one umbrella called “Satya 2”. 

Be it those occupying the center stage or the ones supporting them, each one of them seems to be competing for the top slot in the ” let’s see who acts worst” league. Satya 2’s main lead Puneet Singh, Anaika Soti, or even the seasoned actor Mahesh Thakur every one of them seem to be oblivion about their characters. One one hand where Puneet totally fails in delivering what is expected out of him, rest of the characters seems to be loitering in their own world of perceptions. 

Well to some discussing about BO potential of “Satya 2” look funny but its being a customary part of reviewing we have to do it. And all we can say about “Satya 2” and its BO potential is that it is another gem in RGV ‘s hall of shame, which may further fuel his financial crises. 

To sum up, all what can be said about “Satya 2” is that, it is nothing more than a filthy piece of art created without brain, and by going for it you will be doubly decimating yourself, one by shelling out your hard earned money and secondly by giving yourself a torture of around two hours and thirty two minutes. So better keep away from this stodgy underworld or Company of Satya.

Updated: November 10, 2013 — 12:19 pm

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