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Poonam ‘Double Standards’ Pandey Upset About Leaked MMS, But Shares Video Link On Twitter!

Poonam Pandey Dirty Dancing MMS
The infamous Poonam Pandey is making news again, but this time it’s not about a promise to strip!

The actress, who made her debut this year with ‘Nasha’, expressed displeasure on Twitter about the leak of a private MMS clip of her performing a raunchy dance routine for her girlfriend.

However in the very next tweet, Poonam retweeted Youtube links to the video!

Is that how someone upset about their MMS link being leaked reacts? We have our doubts.
Poonam Pandey Dirty Dancing MMS

Poonam Pandey Twitter Timeline
The video in question shows Poonam Pandey in a tank top and underwear, dancing suggestively while her friends laugh and cheer her on.
Do you think Poonam Pandey leaked the video herself? Let us know in the comments section!

Updated: December 4, 2013 — 8:44 am

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