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It’s cute that people want me to be Mrs Salman Khan: Elli

The most beautiful girl in reality show Bigg Boss 7 has been evicted. And she is in a happy space right now, enjoying the freedom and living in the moment. We caught up with the chirpy, smiling Elli Avram to speak about her telly tryst, her filmi experience and more… 

Not giving content 

There were many couch potatoes out there, who found her sweet accented Hindi quite endearing and loved to watch her antics on the tube. But, one wonders, what really led to her eviction? Elli answers this in her inimitable honest manner, saying: “Maybe, I wasn’t shown too much on the telly, as I wasn’t giving ‘content’ by screaming or abusing. The fact is that I can’t pretend to be someone else, just to be in a show!” 

Salmanji Ki Dulhan? 

Is she aware that many articles have been written on her, where she has been tagged as “a suitable bride” for Salman Khan? And Salman himself has made no bones about the fact that he finds her sweet. Tell her this and Elli laughs uncontrollably. After a big bout of laugh, she says: “Oh My God! It’s cute that people want me to be Mrs Salman Khan. But, on a serious note, marriage for me is a big thing! It’s about commitment, about respecting each other and more. So, I would not like to think about marriage in a lighter vein. But yes, I would love to be friends with Salmanji and I can’t foresee the future.” 

Negative vibes 

And who was the person giving her the most negative vibes inside the celebrity house? “The least amount of connection that I had with people inside the house was with Kamya Punjabi and Pratyusha Banerjee. So, I guess, from them I didn’t get any positive vibes,” says she. 

Bollywood ahoy! 

Elli was inside the celebrity house when her debut Hindi movie Mickey Virus was released. Ask her any regrets on this front, and she says: ‘Of course, I will regret the fact that I couldn’t attend the premiere when all the others could. But then Bigg Boss was another step in my journey. Now I’m getting quite a few offers. I want to choose my films carefully and carve a niche in Bollywood soon!”

Updated: November 28, 2013 — 1:42 pm

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