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Is Sunny Leone just an ‘Erotic Showpiece’?

Well it’s been almost two years since Sunny has debuted in the Bollywood. And ever-since then this gorgeous stunner is trying very hard to establish herself as a mainstream actress. But all her efforts seem to be going in vein straightaway. And that’s because, be it `Jism 2“, “Jackpot” or her ad stints, every time we have seen, Sunny being casted as more of a prurient doll by the makers.

When Sunny was presented by Bhatts in “Jism 2”, at that time it looked quite conspicuous by the character description of, Sunny that makers are more concerned about cashing upon her porn star image. 
The Untold Truth: Is Sunny just an 'Erotic Showpiece'?

Post that Sunny appeared in “Jackpot”, but even there she looked more of like a sensual showpiece implanted to add to the erotic coefficient of the movie. And now it’s horror erotica, `Ragini MMS 2” making its way to the big screen. 

But if we go by the first trailer of “Ragini MMS 2” which is touted to be the first horror-erotica of Indian cinema, it looks like nothing has changed for Sunny. 

After seeing the trailer of this Balaji cine venture, it becomes quite ostensible, that by decorating “Ragini MMS 2” with a heavy dose of lewd content despite tagging it as horror flick, movie’s producer, Ekta Kapoor has thoroughly tried to cash upon the globally talked about sex appeal of Sunny. 

So after witnessing so many instances of Sunny’s being projected as a sexy seductress in various cine flicks, one thing seems to be for sure that our Bollywooders are least concerned about her acting prowess and are somewhere down the line madly hooked to the habit of cashing upon porn star image of, Sunny. 

Now after seeing this huge fixation of Bollywooders to the prurient image of, Sunny, and her another action thrillerTina and Lolo” in the offing, let’s just keep our fingers crossed in the hope that in the days ahead, let this fascination of our cine literati for Sunny’s porn star persona ends, and fans get a chance to see this voluptuous beauty in more meaningful roles than just being a carnal delight.

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Updated: February 5, 2014 — 6:48 pm

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