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Is Rahul avoiding reunion with Dimpy because of this girl?

Soon after a fairy tale like beginning where Rahul chose his soul-mate, Dimpy on the TV reality show in 2010, their love life hit a rough patch and reports about Rahul’s violently abusing Dimpy too started surfacing in the buzz arena. Though attempts were made by two, to give their life a fresh start, but all their efforts went in vein and eventually the duo filed for a divorce in May 2014. 

But as they say that one can never be very sure about the destiny’s will and in one such development the duo once again came under one roof at Bigg Boss house, where Dimpy was there as a contestant and Rahul entered as one of the challenger along with Sambhavna, Mehak and Sana. 

Exposed: Is Rahul avoiding reunion with Dimpy because of this girl?
Is Rahul avoiding reunion with Dimpy because of this girl?

Then started a new emotional tale between Rahul and his extranged wife Dimpy. In fact after seeing the brewing of love waves between the duo many started seeing it as end of the nasty equations between the two. 

But then the worst happened again where Rahul’s good friend and housemate Sambhavna spilled the beans about Rahul’s alleged secret girlfriend. 

Despite this nasty revelation of Sambhavna, many kept on perceiving that come what may Rahul and Dimpy are all set to re-unite again, but then came in the statement of Rahul, where while addressing the media he stated that he didn’t go inside the ‘house’ to solve issues with his estranged wife Dimpy. 

Rahul further added that, “We are nothing less than friends and nothing more than friends”. So after this astounding disclosure one thing looks quite conspicuous that Rahul is in no mood of rekindling the flames with estranged wife Dimpy.

But now the million dollar question is, why so?

If we go by the words of Sambhavna and some of the sources then suggest that probable reason behind this obstinacy of Rahul is some Miss Aparna Joshi. 

Now you might be thinking that who is this Aprana, so here we bring for you the details pertaining to her. As per sources Aparna is a budding model and Rahul’s live-in partner and alleged secret girlfriend whom he is seeing from quite some time. 

Though in the past Rahul refused about dating anyone but with the surfacing of Aparna’s name in the grapevine with a status of being Rahul’s girlfriend all we can say is that, ” with all that smoke there must be a fire somewhere”. Now let’s what Rahul have to say about it….

Updated: January 27, 2015 — 6:41 pm

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