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Finally Kapil’s Bua got her ‘Dulha’

After all the men that Kapil’s Bua has declined, she was searching for her groom eagerly. It seems that her search will be over, b’coz she has finally found her soul mate. Always known as Sundar, Susheel and Miss 22 (Tonty Two) forever now, now it’s her chance to become from 1 to 2.

The Bua always wanted to find a Phupha for Kapil. Her knight in shining armor, her Prince Charming is none other than ace comedian Razzak Khan who is portraying as ‘Golden Bhai’ in the show. He will be seen falling head over heels in love with Bua. Wanting to make her his own, he bribes Kapil so that he approves of the marriage. So from this weekend, Bua will never have to say ‘Kaun hai Yeh Aadmi’ ever again after this weekend.
Newsbreak: Finally Kapil's Bua got her 'Dulha'
Upasana Singh who plays the role of Bua in Comedy Nights with Kapil said, “Finally after rejecting more than hundred boys in the show for marriage. I have finally found my dream man, my prince charming in Golden. He is an amazing actor and a great comedian. It’s been an amazing journey on Comedy Nights with all, and everybody has really loved my role. I hope people continue to shower their love even after my marriage.”

While describing himself as Bua’s dulha, Razzak Khan said, “It’s been great to become the part of the show, especially as Pinky’s husband Golden. She is hot, sexy and I’m absolutely in awe of her. I feel privileged that she chose me over the rest including actors like Salman, SRK, Akshay Kumar among others.’

Updated: February 12, 2014 — 3:16 pm

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