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Exposed Again! Tanisha and Armaan indulging in some dirty talks

Mired by controversies, season 7 of Bigg Boss may be struggling hard to fetch a good TRP, but there is one couple in the house whose gossip cog seems to be rotating at a rapid pace ever-since the onset of the show.

Yes you got it right we are talking about Armaan and Tanisha, whose ongoing romance has not only added spice to the seventh season of the show but at the same time created a lot of ripples in the grapevine. 

After the reports about duo’s getting caught in somewhat awkward position a forthright ago numerous speculations made it to gossip arena, out of which a few favored the reports whereas other refuted the buzz. And in the absence of some concrete evidences the buzz subsequently turned into run of the mill. 
Exposed Again! Tanisha and Armaan indulging in some dirty talks
But this time couple is once again caught indulging in some suggestive filthy talk and that too on camera. 

Although dabbled in somewhat sleaze, conversational mannerism of the duo especially that of Armaan up-till an extent suggests that both of them are talking about something risque, but obviously it won’t be fair to infer anything on the basis of just a video.

Hence we leave it to our viewers to decide and perceive the latent thoughts hidden behind conversation. So stay tuned guys for some more explosive revelations coming from Bigg Boss house.

Updated: December 5, 2013 — 1:06 pm

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