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Emily Ratajkowski Topless Photoshoot By Terry Richardson

Emily Ratajkowski toplessand teasing us with her big boobs while posing for photographer Terry Richardson. Emily Ratajkowski has perfect tits, and she is a beautiful woman. But Terry Richardson ruins half of these photos with the stickers with his face on them that are covering Emily’s nipples. I mean, I am sure 99.99% of people would rather see any nipples over Richardson’s face. So to deny us Emily Ratajkowski’s nipples is absolutely criminal. Anyway, this chick showed her big natural boobs so much last year that I wouldn’t be surprise if she retired showing them  in all their glory for 2014. But I doubt it, Emily seems like the type of girl who love nothing more than putting smiles on the faces of men with her huge tits. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

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