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Ellie & Sangram win luxury budget items for housemates

Finally after coming half way through and surviving in the Bigg Boss house, the housemates got a greater deal of the luxury budget that made them jump with joy. 

Bigg Boss who is always known to bring an unexpected twist when it comes to the luxury budget, brought them food items this time, something which they have always been craving for.

After Elli’s team won the luxury budget task this week, Bigg Boss gave the winning team an opportunity to grab all the items. He asked the winning team contestants to get dressed in comfortable clothes and enter a room which was the activity area of the house. Everybody’s jaws dropped when they saw a mechanical bull placed in the centre of the room and a few cards with names of food items hanging above it. 

But Bigg Boss doesn’t make things easy. One has to earn their reward. The contestants had to hit the cards with the aid of a stick so that the cards fell down. The cards that the winning team were collectively able to pluck would get them the items mentioned on the cards. Gauahar is asked to be the referee for this task and monitor it. 

Ellie is the first one to take a plunge at the cards and is able to add maximum items to her kitty. Sangram is the next one to go and gives his best shot to win his share of the luxury budget items. By the end of the task, they won extra luxuries that included chicken, curd, dry fruits and 16 packets of brown bread. The Housemates are overwhelmed and thank Bigg Boss. 

After managing to win a plethora of food items through the luxury budget this week, we hope that the housemates will have their fill.

Updated: November 7, 2013 — 11:33 am

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