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Drake sued for cancelling shows

Rapper Drake has been sued for dropping out of two concerts in Chicago after being paid over $200,000 to perform.

Several Chicago concert promoters claim the 27-year-old agreed to do the shows in 2012, but as he became famous he refused to perform unless he got paid more, reports

The show that Drake cancelled was scheduled to take place in March 2012 at a venue for a seating arrangement of 8,500 people. He agreed to perform for $250,000, and the promoters paid him $100,000, but he abruptly pulled out of the concert and failed to return the funds.

Drake sued for cancelling shows

The promoters said that they have invested more than $200,000, and are now suing Drake for breach of contract and other allegations.

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Updated: December 17, 2013 — 9:29 pm

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