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Do Men Really Prefer Young Girls?

Have you ever noticed that in most couples, men are older than women? There can be any age difference – from 3 to 20 years or even more. And it’s growing at a rapid pace. So, does it mean that men really like younger girls? Well, it turns out there are several reasons why guys prefer partners that are slightly younger than them. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

Young ladies make men feel much more confident about their sexuality

It’s pretty important for men to feel their sexuality, and choosing a woman younger than them, they start to believe that they’re irresistible and still able to attract females of any age. Being next to a younger girl, men feel like passionate lovers, capable of satisfying a woman. Apart from that, sex with a young girl gives them even more confidence in their sexuality.

A younger partner satisfies male ego

Young women can do miracles to men’s ego and boost their self-confidence. How? The thing is that with such a partner, older men also feel young and active, so their status among people of their circle rises. “Look what a beauty I just picked up. Looks like I still got it!” The only problem is that there are hidden meanings behind such way of thinking – men, who want to boost their ego at the expense of a younger companion, are usually insecure individuals with a lot of complexes they’re too afraid to admit.

Young girls are easier to charm

They say that older men are more likely to charm young girls just because they already know how to care for women. Besides, they’re financially secure. So all you need is to show that you have a ton of money, and you can land yourself a couple of hot young porn stars. But in this case, one needs to be careful and make sure that these porn stars need something more than just money.

Influence on the partner

When the partner is younger, it’s easier to ‘reshape’ her personality to your taste (sometimes it doesn’t work, though). An adult man is sure that he’s able to teach his young partner how to live this life and turn her into a personal servant, who will look at him with admiration and do whatever he asks. There’s one small problem with such approach – people don’t change. Young girls can pretend to be loyal and obedient for as long as they need to please an older man, but as the opportunity appears, they’ll show their true nature.


The bigger the age difference between partners, the more a girl perceives her companion as a real man. For her, he’s an example of authority, and she can learn a thing or two from him. Nothing pleases a man like a sense of his importance, authority, and wisdom when his younger partner follows his advice. And this is a huge advantage over women of the same age or ladies older than men because adult women already know a lot about this life and rarely listen to men.

Love for a beautiful body

It’s clear that young girls look better than their older competitors (but again, don’t take this as the untouchable truth, as some women in their 30’s and 40’s still look as young as 20-25 years old girls). Men understand this perfectly. What could be better than a young, gorgeous, and fit body available at any time of the day or night? But it’s a matter of taste – someone likes pretty girls, while others prefer experienced ones.

Family planning

When it comes to men over 45, who don’t have children (and who have never been married), a young girl becomes a guarantee of healthy children. It’s simple biology.

Sum up

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages that make younger girls stand out from the older competition. So we can say for sure that guys do prefer young ladies. Age contrast spices up the relationship, although some men like women of their age or even older.

Updated: June 26, 2018 — 5:28 pm

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