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Dita Von Teese practises ‘seduction’ daily

For actress-designer Dita Von Teese, seduction is “effortless” and she says that she practises the craft in her daily life.

The burlesque dancer practises her techniques every day and surrounds herself with “luxury” and “beauty”, which gives her more confidence, reports
Dita Von Teese practises 'seduction' daily
“I believe in practising the art of seduction in everyday life. By surrounding myself with luxury and beauty, seduction becomes effortless,” Bang Showbiz quoted Von Teese as saying.

The 41-year-old is known as the Queen of Burlesque and has been seen in films like “The Death of Salvador Dali” and “Saint Francis“.

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Updated: February 2, 2014 — 8:22 am

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