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‘Bigg Boss 7’: Rift between Armaan and Tanishaa widens?

On Day 51 in ‘Bigg Boss: Saath 7’, the apparent friction between close friends Tanishaa and Armaan increases during the luxury budget task. Here’s why…

After the joyful celebrations of Diwali, the housemates are very relaxed and pumped as they wake up in the morning.

'Bigg Boss 7': Rift between Armaan and Tanishaa widens?Around breakfast, Tanisha and Armaan discuss the way the show is progressing. At this point, Tanishaa conveys to Armaan that she is upset with his behaviour and asks him to respect the housemates. Ajaz tries to butt-into the conversation, only to be told off by Tanisha and Armaan states that Ajaz is playing a dirty game. Upset by Armaan’s behaviour, Ajaz tells Sangram that Armaan constantly fights with everyone. 

At noon, the luxury task for the week, ‘Rajneeti’ is announced. According to the rules of the game, the house will be split into two parties being led by different leaders – Kamya and Sangram. The other housemates will be remain neutral and join a party of their choice. If they are dissatisfied by their leader, the housemates are given the authority to change them if they manage to gain a majority of three votes. The leaders are also asked to deliver a speech to encourage more people to join their party. There is an air of excitement among the contestants because this task will help to differentiate between real friends and game players.

After the speech, most of the contestants were seen influenced by Sangram because he has maintained good relationships with everyone. The first switch of the day was Sofia who moved to Kamya’s party once Gauahar convinced her otherwise. In order to entice more people to join her party, Kamya approaches Armaan while offering him complete leadership of her party. Finding this as an incredible opportunity to showcase his leadership skills, Armaan makes the move as well.

Sangram, being quite naive, did not attempt to stop Armaan, because he felt that this was Armaan’s plan to bring Sofia back to their party. Understanding this, Gauahar revealed to Armaan that Sangram informed them about the planning that took place before meeting with Salman. Misunderstanding that Sangram blamed him; Armaan confronts Sangram and fights with him. Sangram tries to get Armaan to understand what was said, but Armaan rubbishes him off.

As the situation goes out of hand, the housemates intervene and separate Sangram and Armaan. Once in different rooms, Armaan gets upset with Tanishaa because she did not stand up for him. He pushes her off, but Tanishaa reminds him that she did stand up for him, but it was a large group against him because of which she couldn’t be loud.

With the task giving the contestants an opportunity to openly play the Bigg Boss games; it will be interesting to see if the friendships and animosities will survive till the end.

Updated: November 6, 2013 — 6:05 pm

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